Location, Location, Location

After purchasing 5 bridal magazines and countless hours searching on the internet we have finally narrowed down the location of our stay in the Dominican Republic and where we plan to have our wedding ceremony.

Finally, we decided out of the many resort options that we would pick 10 places to review and then narrow it down to 6 resorts and then contact 3 for availability and rates.

When chosing a resort there were a few things that we were looking for:

  • Budget Friendly – Since we plan on inviting guest we didn’t want to go over $350 a night for a double occupancy room.
  • All-inclusive.
  • Affordable Wedding Packages
  • Cleanliness
  • Good Reviews
  • Food Options – We’re goodies so we want multiple options since we will be there for 5 plus days and also has a large variety to accommodate our guest.
  • Kid Friendly resort – If not we have a plan to include my 11-year-old son in the ceremony at home since the wedding there will only be a symbolic ceremony.

With all that being said, we selected the following resorts and emailed them this morning for availability on Saturday, June 1, 2013.

#1 choice – Excellence Punta Cana

#2 choice – Ibersostar Bavaro

#3 choice – Riu Palace Bavaro

I’m praying that we hear back from each them soon and so we can finally lock down a date & location. I’m so ready to move on to other details of the wedding already. Choosing a location has been such a job that I haven’t even considered any colors. I’ve saved a few images on my computer and on pinned a few things on Pinterest but feel like I’ll really be able to focus on other things once I have this task crossed off my list.

UPDATE **I heard back from Riu Palace this afternoon and they are available for the date we have requested. One down, two to go!**

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