Dallas Bridal Show

Last Sunday my friend Allison joined me at the Dallas Bridal Show held at Market Hall and we had so a good time! I’d never been to a bridal show before and since we are having a destination wedding basically I just wanted to the experience!

There were a variety of vendors from florist, catering companies, bridal shows, photographers and virtually every aspect of the wedding industry. Since we don’t really need the assistance of local vendors, I was mostly interested in entering contest & giveaways. Cause let’s be honest, who doesn’t love free stuff!?! We got food samples, had our photo taken in a photobooth, a couple of bridal/wedding magazines and I even a free wedding planner! All in all, I enjoyed myself.

I will say that I was kinda surprised at how some of the vendors weren’t very friendly. I don’t expect everyone to be over the top bubbly but when you don’t even acknowledge someone when they stop at your booth or say hello in passing is kind rude when they’re looking to get business. But, whatever!

One highlight of the day was as a company who printed labels of your contact info for $4 per sheet. That way you didn’t have to spend the time writing it down for every vendor that you were interested in.

I didn’t get many photos becuase no cameras were allowed, but manged to snap this photo!

And here’s a photos of the some of the goodies I came home with!

Overall, I had a good experience and would recommend it to any future bride who has never been to a bridal show before! If you do chose to go don’t be afraid to ask questions and putting your name on mailing list, you’ll get emails for promotional sales & deals from the vendors.


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