It’s Official: We Picked a Wedding Date

After going back & forth for a few weeks with several travel agencies, changing the date from the 1st of June and several emails with the resort, we’ve put down our deposits for our hotel & flights and our wedding date has been confirmed!

Kawon & I will be getting married on Friday, June 7, 2013 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic at the Excellence Punta Cana, which happened to be our first choice!! Woo hoo! We feel that the Dominican Republic is the perfect place for us to start our new life together, and I am really excited for all our guests to experience it with us at a beautiful tropical location. There’s really no significance of the date, we just knew that we wanted something in early summer and kinda just went with the resorts availability.

I feel like all of the fun wedding planning can begin now that I have that huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. Whew!

Today I’m sending out emails to family & friends to give them a heads up that we’re planning a destination wedding and when & where it will be. They aren’t the official save-the-dates though, I’ll begin working on the them this week to get them sent out as soon as possible. I also have to finish working on our wedding website where our wedding & travel information will be shared with our guest. The link will be includes on the save-the-dates that I mail out. And my other goal this week is to ask my girls if they would like to be apart of my bridal party, which I will share after they all receive them.

Planning a wedding has left me so indecisive in just about everything. Hopefully I don’t stress myself out with the Save The Date’s, but we’ll see. There’s just so many designs to choose from and I really want something that truly reflect who WE are and not just something trendy! I just know that I do not want them to be a boarding pass since we’re having a destination wedding and I don’t want our photo on it, because we haven’t taken engagement photos yet. Other than that I’m lost, so wish me luck!


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