This past week I finally found our Save the Date’s!!!! I knew what I wanted and when I saw them I literally squealed out loud! I was so excited to finally find something that I loved after weeks of searching.

I searched the pages of Etsy and found what I wanted on page 3 but continued to look all the way up to page 25 before I made my purchase. I just wanted to be absolutely sure that I didn’t miss anything else that I might have wanted more before I clicked ‘buy’. After going back and forth with the seller a few days, on Thursday I received the file of our Save the Date’s and I’ll have them printed on my own.

I also purchased Will You be My Bridesmaid cards from Etsy to send out to my girls this week. Woohoo!! They all better say yes too! I’ll share pictures of both cards once our guest receive their save the dates and my girls get their cards. But other than that, I’m happy to report that things are moving along smoothly.

Just gotta get working on our wedding website since the link is included on the Save the Date’s.


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