Save the Date’s Fail

I ordered my Save the Date’s from vistaprint last Sunday but failed to use the coupon code that I had for 25% off. So I emailed them to let them know and by the time I woke up on Monday morning and checked my email, I had received a credit for the discount. Actually, I received a discount for more than the 25% and that made my day!

I had also paid to have my ordered shipped priority because I wanted to get them addressed and send out by the end of this week. They were due to arrive on Monday, August 20th, so when I received an email last Wed letting me know my order had been shipped I got a little excited that I could finally get the ball rolling.

Yesterday, my fiancé checked went to check the mail only to find a box sitting next to the front door. Yay!!!! Except yesterday it poured pretty much all afternoon. Knowing that the box didn’t fit in our mailbox, why would the postman just leave it at the door and not knock to see if anyone was home instead of leaving it in the rain?? I wouldn’t be mad if they had to re-deliver the next business day, but even if it wasn’t ranting at that very moment, knowing that it had been raining for pretty much the last 24 hours and there was a 60% chance for the day, why leave it just sitting there?!?

The box was ruined so, I knew the contents in side were also and when we peeled open the box this is what we saw..




“Don’t cry”, he told me and before a tear could fall from my eye he said, “we’ll get some new ones ordered and they’ll be here before Friday”. Not knowing if that could really happen, I believed him. At least I want to.

I’m sending an email to vistaprint to explain the situation and hope that they can get this taken care of ASAP for me.

Stay tuned to see how this plays out!


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