Wedding Dress Shopping

I finally made an appointment to go wedding dress shopping in two weeks on my birthday weekend and I’m super excited, yet nervous. I think I know what style of dress I want, but then again I’m going to remain open-minded to other options.

I say that I don’t want a strapless gown, but they might look amazing on me. I’m interested in a one shoulder dress, but they might look horrible on me. I always loved the look of lace, but don’t know that it will be right for a beach wedding. There’s just so many options to choose from and I haven’t even made to a dress store yet. I fear that I’m gonna be like one of the girls on Say Yes to the Dress that has to try on tons and tons of dress and still not feel like I’ve found ‘THE ONE’.

Or what about the color of the dress? There’s white, off white, ivory, blush or even a colored wedding dress.

Source: Style Me Pretty

How gorgeous is this dress?!? And the color is so fitting for a beach location. Ahh, there’s just so many options!

I plan on taking my mother, maid of honor, future mother & sister-in-law with me, so it should be fun. I know you can’t take photos inside the bridal boutique, but I’ll try to have something to share.


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