I Found a Wedding Dress…

My mother, future mother-in-law, maid of honor & I made our way to David’s Bridal in Mesquite for my appoinment on my birthday 9/16 and the search for my wedding dress began.

My wedding consultant was pleasant but didn’t really add much to my overall experience. I showed her what styles I was interested in and she brought a few dresses that were similar to start off with. I was alittle bummed that that store didn’t carry the DB Studio line, but I was game to try on different dress styles anyways.

I will say that I was open to either an ivory or white dress but after trying on my first dress in ivory I quickly realized that it didn’t work with my skin tone. The white dresses looked much, much better on me. The selection of dresses the store had in stick was alrigh, but I didn’t like that they didn’t have very many options of one shoulder dresses which I really wanted to try on.

After trying on about the fifth dress and still not loving anything, with the consultants permission I made my way around the store to pick a few out myself. And found two or three that I liked and wanted to try on.

My appointment was coming to an end and I was down to my last dress and still hadn’t found something that I loved. As I walked out of the room with my finally dress on I loved it. I felt pretty. I felt like a bride. And then they ‘jacked’ me up with a headband and jewelry and I was sold. Kinda. I asked if I could walk around the store in the dress to get a feel for the dress and see how comfy it was. When I came back from my tour around the store, I said YES TO THE DRESS! And I bought it.

Two days later though, I woke up and thought to myself what had I done. I had a picture of myself in the dress and when I looked at it I knew it wasn’t me. I looked the dress up online and hated it. It’s a VERY pretty dress, but it isn’t me. It’s not something I would normally pick and I’m not sure why I did that day. Since we’re planning a destination wedding, this was the first experience with anything wedding related that wasn’t online or in a magazine. Plus, it was my birthday and I thought it was the coolest thing to have my wedding dress as the best birthday present ever.

Soooo I still need to find MY wedding dress and within the next few months I’ll be at it again. But this time, I know not to get something unless I absolutely love it. And since I tend to get buyers remorse, I might have to leave it at the store and if I can’t stop thinking about it go back and get it days later.





Sorry for the picture quality, they were taken with my iPhone. (Non of these dresses are the one that I bought)


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