Let’s face it, not much is going with the wedding planning these days. And since this blog is about real life, personal style and stuff that’s kinda funny sometimes I’m gonna go off topic and tell ya what my life has looked like lately.

I celebrated my 33rd birthday a few weeks ago and met up with a few friends at Top Golf in Allen. If you’ve never been, you need to go! And try the chocolate chip cookies, they’re THE best! (Thanks Allison!)


Nicole, Me & Allison

Made a new friend on my birthday and when I went to hang out with her the next day she brought me flowers as a belated birthday gift.


Thanks Nicole!

Continued the birthday celebrations and partied it up at the Gentleman Jack Arts, Beats & Lyric event here in Dallas last Thursday !


Hung with Miss Kelsey! Can you believe she’s 7 months old already?? Time flies.


Showed my support for my future mister while he DJ’ed a block party last Friday for the City of Dallas.

He’s doing big thangs y’all!!


Kawon took Kameron on his first fishing trip at White Rock Lake last Sunday while I worked.


Taken by Kawon w/his Blackberry

And, us just being us.

Sorry for the crappy photo.


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