Your Special Order Has Arrived‏

That’s the subject of the email I received from David’s Bridal last week letting me know that the dress that I had ordered is now ready to be picked up. And I still haven’t gone to get it yet.

If I had loved it I would have practically ran to the store to pick it up. The fact that I haven’t made an effort in that last week to get it, let’s me know that it’s not the right dress. But I need to though, so that I can start the process of selling it.

If you or you know anyone who may be looking for a brand new wedding dress with no alterations done, I’ve got one for sale. It’s a Oleg Cassini Gown Style Number 8CWG435 in White, Size 16W.

Oleg Cassini Gown Style Number 8CWG435, White

The dress looks quite different on the web than what it actually looks like on. I do have photos of myself if the dress if you’d like to see it, just shoot me an email at teamjenkins79 (at) gmail (dot) com.


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