Team Jenkins Together for the First Time

Have I ever mentioned that Kawon has a part-time deejay business and that I work full-time as a photographer? Yep, we’re pretty much a dynamic duo! And for the first time,  we’ll be working at the same wedding tomorrow! Whoop, whoop!

We’re always being told that we should offer packages together, but I didn’t feel it would be right considering we haven’t actually worked together yet. So depending on how tomorrow goes (well I hope) starting in 2013 Shayla J. Photography we be offering photography packages that will also include a deejay as well.

It’s so nice when we get to work together on the weekends instead of him working one event and me working another. Some weeks we’re like two trains passing in the night. Literally, he’ll get in from working at 3am and I’m leaving the house at 5am. So being able to spend time with him on the weekends, even if we are working is going to be nice.

In addition to the wedding tomorrow, We are also booked together for a wedding on Sunday but instead of the photographer I was hired as the Day of Coordinator. Yep, you got that right, I’m a jack of all trades! I acted as the Day of Coordinator for a friend’s wedding back in May and did such a good job making things come together that I was contacted by a friend of the bride to do the same for her wedding. So once, we get to work together!!

I’ll be sure to share sneak peeks of both weddings via Instagram (@Shayla_j) since we’ll be away working for the weekend! Wish us luck!!

Enjoy  your weekend!



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