Skin Care Routine

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When it comes to my daily beauty regimen I tend to keep things pretty simple. Just face wash and some moisturizer and that’s about it. Typically, I’ll either use daily facial cleansing cloths from Target (below) or Cetaphil face wash & moisturizer along with St. Ives Blemish & Blackhead Control Apricot Scrub once a week. I tend to have combination skin where some areas are oily while others are drier.


In the past I’ve had microdermabrasion done before which I love, and actually still have a session left that was paid for in advance that I plan on using in the spring since my skin changes with the seasons. In the meantime though, I’m trying to remove dark spots, reduce the size of my pores and get a healthy glow.

I break out around ‘that’ time of the month but noticed that I was breaking out a little more than usual and found this helpful guide via Pinterest that has helped me out a lot.

20121202-221915.jpg What is your acne telling you based on its location?[/caption]

It lends true to my facial problems, so I made a few changes to my lifestyle and noticed that I’m not breaking out on my chin and cheeks as much as before.

With our wedding in just 6 months, I’m trying to get my skin looking right and I’m trying to become more consistent with my skin care in general. And hair care too for that matter. I’m a vitamin taker and fill up on them Even though you don’t see a change over night, over time I think my vitamins have helped out a lot. Along with drinking tons of water everyday, I’m hoping to look my best by the time my wedding gets here.


I’ve also seen on Pinterest the pin for teeth whitening by using peroxide and baking soda. Have you? I’ve been doing that for a while too, and can already see a difference. To be honest I can’t afford professionally teeth whitening and I’m kinda scared to try it anyways. I always hear about it making our teeth sensitive so I’d rather try something out instead.

Teeth Whitening

I received a few of these teeth whitening kits from a Shecky’s Girls Night Out gift bag a few years ago and never bothered to give them a try. Until now… getting married + free teeth whitening = score! I’ll let you know how they work out.

Have some advise for getting your skin & hair wedding ready for a soon-to-be bride, let me know?

One thought on “Skin Care Routine

  1. Both my Dentist and Orthodontist told me that Crest white-strips are the way to go and a lot of the techs used them. The professional treatment tends to be too strong and leaves your teeth blue white.

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