Work it Wednesday’s

I don’t own a scale and it seems like neither do most of the people in my life. Every time I go to someones house and ask if they have one I could use, either they don’t have one or it doesn’t work very well. 😦

Back on August 22nd, I weighed myself on my mom’s not so sure if it works correctly scale and I weighed XXX.  I was shocked seeing that I had weighed the most I ever had, including while I was pregnant. At that moment, I had a goal to lose 10lbs by October 1st and started working out but not consistently.

I started p90x on October 1st and everything was good and I was on track but still didn’t know how much I weighed to be able to track my progress. So finally on the 15th of the month I went to a Bed Bath & Beyond and used one of their scales (pitiful, I know). I weighed XXX and had lost 7lbs from when I initially weighed myself in August! Since then I’ve stayed on track with my workouts only missing a day here and there and changed my eating habits but haven’t been as strict as I need to be.

My Team Beachbody coach Lori encouraged me to try Shakeology to help with my weight loss but I waited a while cause I knew if I really liked it I couldn’t afford it at the time. In November  I got a few samples from her and after using it for about a week, I had already noticed a difference in how much energy I had, and felt lighter too. I enjoyed it so much that I felt like I was craving it. So much so that I decided to order a month supply of it, and it arrived on Monday, December 3rd!

Being that I’m in my last 30 days of P90X and I’m super excited to see my end results! I’m going hard on my workouts, eating healthy and (absolutely no fast food) taking Shakeology, so had to find out what I weigh now to see how much I’ll lose during this last moth. So I weighed myself yesterday at 24 Hour Fitness (no, I don’t have a membership. I just went in to weighed myself, cause I still don’t own a scale!) and now weigh XXX which means I’ve lost another 6 lbs!! Woot, woot!!

30 days of shakes, the last 30 days of p90x and starting the New Year off with one less resolution equals one committed soon-to-be bride!!

I’ll share more before and after photos at the end so you can see my progress! If you’re interested in getting any additional info from the products I mentioned above, just let me know. I’d love to help others reach their fitness goals!


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