Questioning My Choices

We’re less than 6 months away from the wedding and I’m not sure what I should be doing. The fact that we’re having a destination wedding means I have a lot less stuff to do, but there’s still things to be done and I wanna make sure that I can get them all done.

We’ve set a date, chose the location and made travel arrangements. We’ve also chosen the bridal party, picked our colors, registered and I bought a dress. And that’s about it! Last week I had some free time and was able to put together a wedding to-do list and I’ve got A LOT to get done. But the problem is that I really need to decide on what I want. I’m questing my choices before I even make up my mind. There are just SO MANY options when it comes to everything wedding related.

I never ever thought I would be so indecisive when came to planning my own wedding, but I can’t seem to make a decision without thinking that I chose the wrong place, the wrong colors, the wrong this or the wrong that. I have an idea of what I want but can’t seem to put it all together and so I just ignore the situation. I know I have a wedding to plan and things to get do but I’ve put it off. Until now! I don’t want to wait until the last-minute and become overwhelmed and not be able to enjoy the experience of having a wedding.

Since, I’ll have a little time off for the holiday’s these next two weeks, I’m committing to getting some more wedding stuff done. Choose my invitations and select a wedding cake topper and maybe even choose what I’d like for decor on the tables or choose a photographer for our engagement photos. Soo much to do, so little time.

getting married in days I’d love any wedding planning advice, or tell me, if you could do anything differently what would it be?


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