Wedding Invites

I’m not that much of a DIY’er but after searching the internet for months looking at wedding invitations I’ve decided to make my own.

Being that we’re having a destination wedding I like the boarding pass style invitations or the passport style but wasn’t feeling 100% about the design options. Of course I want something different but there are a million different things out there to chose from. I haven’t actually started working on them yet, but I know what I want and that’s a huge deal for me. Like I’ve said it a million times before I’ve become so indecisive when it comes to choosing what I want for my own wedding.

During the Christmas holiday I decided on the design, went to Michael’s to buy card stock and requested samples of envelopes and additional colored card stock online. I also bought a paper cutter and rounded corner cutter while at Michaels for some other DIY paper projects for the wedding and ordered some washi tape from Etsy as well.

It feels good to have another task checked off of my to-do list! I’m still waiting on my samples to arrive for the paper & envelopes, but as soon as they arrive I can’t wait to get started and see everything come together. I’m still debating whether or not I’ll share the design of the invitations online before I send them out but you’ll get to see the soon enough. : )

5 months and counting!!!


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