Wedding Planning Update

This past week I finally received the samples of card stock and envelopes that I had ordered and with the exception of be swatch, they are all exactly what I wanted! I’m in the processor of placing my order and can’t with to actually get started on making my wedding invitations.

This past Monday marked 5 months to the day of our wedding and I began to stress a little. At times I can be a last minute person but not when it comes to my wedding. I emailed my local bridesmaids to set a date to get together to go over some things for the wedding and when we couldn’t decide on a date I had a mini meltdown. But everything’s okay now and for the most part I’m feeling better. We still haven’t decided on the bridesmaid dresses and I’m a little worried but we still have some time left. Kawon and his groomsmen, however, are getting together this month to go find suits so hopefully I’ll be able to mark that off of my to do list.

I also decided that we’re not going to have a cake toppers because I just couldn’t find one that I liked enough and think that flowers will work just fine. We’re also planning on doing a sand ceremony but I wasn’t too fond of just pouring the sand into a plain vase so I found a shadow box that we’ll have engraved to pour the sand into.

Other than that not, much else has been done but hopefully February will be a little more productive. At that time I’ll be able to get much more detailed information from the resort on what my options are as for food, flowers and decor so I can work on some more details for the ceremony and reception. I the meantime though, I’ve been thinking about what I want for my bridal shower and I’m super excited to see how it all comes together.

XoXo Shayla


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