Will You Be My Bridesmaid?


I wanted something different and after searching the internet I finally found some “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” card via Etsy. I know I could have just called, texted or invited them to lunch to ask my girls if they would be part of my bridal party, but instead I wanted to do something a little special.

I needed something that fit my personality, and discovered cards made by

They Made It!!

After emailing Vistaprint, I received an email letting me know how sincerely sorry they were for the issue and that they would expedite a replacement order free of charge!!! Our save-the-date’s arrived today safe & sound!! And I couldn’t be more happy with them! We started handed them out to those we saw today and the rest […]


This past week I finally found our Save the Date’s!!!! I knew what I wanted and when I saw them I literally squealed out loud! I was so excited to finally find something that I loved after weeks of searching. I searched the pages of Etsy and found what I wanted on page 3 but continued to look all the way […]